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Our Postage Rate

Although we're still new, we've got so many questions like "lets say if i buy this 4. So berapa nak bayar?" and "kalau kita nak ni untuk ke Kelantan berapa kena bayar?" Thanks for your support! We really appreciate them.

So this is our post rate. This will help you to place your order right?

Semenanjung Malaysia
500g - 750g = RM6.50
751g-1000g = RM7.50

Add RM1.00 for the next 250g

0-1000g = RM8.60

0-1000g = RM9.30

Any question? Ask here;

4. Wechat: Id: unlimitedkshop


  1. Hi! I have something to ask. Do you have a whatsapp because currently, my wechat isn't working. Do send me your number at here yie.kim96@gmail.com or you could give me your email and I send my number at there. Lol. sorry for the inconvenience. >,,<